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A store on the ground floor of an apartment building in the area of Ymittos was transformed into a residence after a redesign, which made the former identity of the residence unrecognizable. The living room with the kitchen are placed in the main area of the former store in a double height space, while the mezzanine defines the kitchen space. Α circular wooden staircase was constructed for the access to the mezzanine and was matched harmoniously with the wooden floor, which was placed all over the house. The wooden floor, contributes to the warm atmosphere of the new house. The two bedrooms are located to the right of the entrance on a higher level, while a little lower there are the secondary uses of the house. This division of the ground level makes clear the functional organization of the dwelling. The kitchenette of the store was turned into a W.C., while the humidity problems of the bathroom were restored. The metallic construction at the entrance of the former store was removed and an outdoor courtyard was organized in the shade of the trees of the small garden.